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Sit Still



Learning to sit still is an important skill for both children and adults. (e.g. School and meditation)

Sit Still monitors your movement, gives you visual and audio feedback, and encourages you to sit still.

+ Calibrates to any position it’s placed
+ Timer and stopwatch modes
+ Set motion sensitivity on the fly
+ restart at any time
+ Zen sounds
+ Countdown to start

Uses include:
Sitting Practice
Quieting a child’s body
As a simple and elegant timer
Make Me Move game – compete with another person to see who finishes first
Race to Sit Still – two users compete by facing each other and getting the other to move using faces, jokes, etc.
Any number of creative uses

Requires iOS 3.1 or greater. Limited support for iPhone 2g (no audio)


  1. Place Sit Still in your lap.
  2. Touch a circle to set sensitivity
  3. Touch a number to set the timer.
  4. Press the blue start button. After 5 seconds Sit Still calibrates the accelerometer.
  5. The timer or stopwatch will start.

If the ying yang passes the set circle boundary the time will pause and an audio alert will sound until the ying is within the set circle.

You may restart or set another circle at any time.

Use for sitting practice, meditation, time outs, fidget control, and as a simple timer.


This app uses these sounds from freesound: