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Shape Analogies



Shape Analogies provides interactive practice problems for The Cognitive Abilities Test™, which is a K-12 assessment test often used to make placement decisions for gifted programs.

These problems include shape or figure matrices where the student must determine the relationship between the shapes in the first row and then find the matching shape for the second row that would make them related in the same way as the first row.

Shape Analogies focuses on three common types of problems for shape matrices:
1. Rotation of shapes
2. Size: stretching or shrinking shapes
3. Flipping or mirroring of shapes

Shape Analogies goes beyond practice tests by using an interactive mode that visually animates the shapes so students learn how to manipulate the shapes in their own minds.

It includes 2 modes:

+ Play mode – allows you to solve as many problems as you can in the time allowed
+ Practice mode – Let’s you take your time and use the interactive “Show Me” animation function

Shape Analogies also works great as a brain tuner as it gives your visual spatial abilities a challenging workout.

Requires iOS 4.3 or higher.


Play Mode:

1) Choose the analogy type by touching the Rotation, Size, or Flip button.
2) Figure out how the shapes in the top row are related.
3) Touch the shape in the bottom row that would replace the question mark to make the shapes related in the same way.
4) See how many analogies you can solve in 2 minutes.
Score = (correct answers – ½ point for incorrects)

Practice Mode:

1) Use the Show Me button to visualize how the shapes are related.
2) Press the button again to Reset the analogy
3) Press Next Shape to go to the next analogy.