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Popcorn123 is a game that brings the simple pleasures of:

  • Tuning your brain
  • The satisfying sounds of popping corn
  • The satisfaction of popping with your fingers (like bubble wrap)

Game Play: 

Easy: 30 seconds to pop and munch

Medium: 60 seconds to pop kernels in order and then munch the popcorn

Hard: 90 seconds to pop the kernels and munch the popcorn in order

In Hard mode use tilt to change the gravity and mix up the popcorn so you can see the numbers you need.


This app uses these sounds from freesound:

Soundtrack sampled from “Too Many Clowns, Not Enough Car” by Gurdonark, licensed under  Sampling Plus.


Available on the iTunes App StoreAvailable on Amazon Appstore for AndroidDownload for Android