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Phubber Lock


Don’t be a Phubber. Give yourself some downtime from your iPhone.
Phubber Lock stops smartphone addicts from using their iPhone with a Time Lock

“I value self-discipline, but creating systems that make it next to impossible to misbehave is more reliable than self-control.”
-Tim Ferriss






How it works:

1. Start the timer.
2. Lock your iPhone with the Phubber Lock generated passcode.
3. When time is up, the passcode displays on the lock screen.
4. Unlock the iPhone with the passcode.

No Tweeting
No Facebook
No Texting

▨ Password Generator (switch between numbers or alphanumeric)
▨ Type in your own password (or have someone else do it)
▨ Notification on Lock Screen
▨ Add additional time after starting
▨ Use the Phubber Lock passcode to keep yourself out of Facebook, Twitter, etc.

1) Press Key to generate a passcode or touch the input field to type in your own
2) Copy passcode to the clipboard
3) Set timer and Press Start
3) Navigate to Settings > General > Passcode Lock > Turn Passcode On
4) Make sure Simple Passcode is Off
5) Tap “Turn Passcode On”
6) Paste the copied passcode
7) Lock your iPhone

For detailed instructions on setting an alphanumeric passcode go to:


* It is recommended you change “Require Passcode” to “Immediately”

* As a safety precaution the Notification will repeat at the set timer interval 10 times (e.g. 15 minute intervals 10 times) until you return to Phubber Lock and tap “Stop”. So if you miss the notification or forget the password you’ll have another opportunity.

* For extra security please back up your iPhone/iPad to your computer using iTunes with the Encryption box checked before using Phubber Lock.

* Your iPhone must be on to receive a notification. If iPhone is off when notification is scheduled, you will not receive it.

* REMEMBER to turn off or change the passcode to a known one before locking the phone again.

* Instructions on how to copy and paste: http://iosguides.net/how-to-copy-cut-and-paste-on-iphone/