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Fruit Bash

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Have fun smashing fruit while learning pattern recognition problems like those in The Cognitive Abilities Test™, which is a K-12 assessment test often used to make placement decisions for gifted programs.

Figure out what fruit to smash by solving pattern sequences and then smash that fruit when it pops out of the hole. Smash 10 fruits without 3 mistakes or before time runs out.

Features 8 progressively harder levels.

Fruit Bash is a great brain tuner as it gives your pattern recognition abilities a challenging workout.

Requires iOS 4.3 or higher..


1) Press Play or select a Level from the Levels screen
2) Figure out what fruit is behind the question mark that completes the pattern.
3) Touch the correct fruit when it pops up.
4) Get 10 correct answers before time is up or you get 3 wrong.
5) Touch Try Again or Next if you’ve completed the level.